Introducing Along the Axon

An Exploration of the Elixir Machine Learning Framework - Axon

Welcome to Along the Axon. My name is Scott Mueller. In this blog, I will be writing about using Axon for Machine Learning. I’ll be exploring the framework from an applied point of view. How can we use Axon to meet business needs?

My initial goals are to discuss these areas of the framework

  1. Realistic use of the framework
  2. Code focused on applying Axon from a business point of view
  3. Different kinds of business problems that can be solved with Axon
  4. Where Axon compares to other frameworks
  5. Can we team with other frameworks to build realistic business capabilities?
  6. What are current weaknesses and how we can improve Axon?
  7. Incoporating best practices of other ML training frameworks
  8. Incrementally add capabilities that mimic the best parts of other ML frameworks
  9. What can we do to improve the training capability of Axon?
  10. A code focus rather than math focus
  11. I’ll leave other sources to focus on the math and Axon

My point of view comes from trying to use Elixir and Machine Learning in an embedded system.
Admittedly, a powerful computer system, but inference on the edge rather than cloud focused.